MRS Advances is community driven, basing our special issue topics on feedback from the community that participates in the Materials Research Society meetings. We look to Society members to propose topics that matter to their materials field and apply a spotlight on a particular aspect of materials research that is tied to a community of scholars who publish, present, and share their results with one another.

MRS Advances will always offer a variety of sub-fields within MRS in any given volume, and over time we may see some of those areas grow. As we begin to publish Volume 4, the editorial board of MRS Advances would like to take the next few months to highlight some of the papers presented in areas that have shown strength in both submissions and readership in the first three volumes.

These papers have been collated into four key areas, and we invite you to read papers in these collections for free:



With over 1,500 papers published to date, MRS Advances is one of the largest sources for new results coming out of the broad materials research community, and we will continue to listen to your interests and needs and to provide a venue to get rapid snapshots of your research out to a broad audience.

These areas, along with many other topics, mean that there’s a home for your research in an open or upcoming special issue, and we hope that you will consider MRS Advances for your next submission. We are indexed in Clarivate Emerging Sources Citation Index, so your work is easily discoverable and automatically tracks to citation metrics. Last year alone, articles published in MRS Advances received over 300,000 views from MRS members and institutional subscribers around the world. Most importantly, with online delivery we are currently at an average of 53 days from submission to publication, so your research will reach the relevant materials communities rapidly.

To find out more about MRS Advances and to submit your paper, please follow this link.


David F. Bahr
Editor-in-Chief, MRS Advances

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