Forum of Mathematics has announced the appointment of five new members to their editorial board: Jacob Fox, Patricia Hersh, Bernhard Keller, Peter Keevash and Ulrike Tillmann.

Jacob Fox is an American mathematician currently at Stanford. His fields of research include combinatorics, Ramsey Theory, extremal graph theory and probabilistic methods in combinatorics. He’s been awarded the Morgan Prize by the American Mathematical Society (2006) for outstanding research in mathematics by an undergraduate student; the Dénes König Prize by SIAM Activity Group on Discrete Mathematics (2010) for outstanding research to an early career researcher; and the Oberwolfach Prize (2016) for excellent achievements in changing fields of mathematics. Jacob will be joining Henry Cohn in the discrete mathematics cluster for Forum of Mathematics.

Patricia Hersh is also an American mathematician and is a professor of mathematics at North Carolina State University. Her fields include algebraic and topological combinatorics. She was awaded the Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize by the Association for Women in Mathematics (2010) for her wide range of mathematical talents, and was elected as a fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2015 “for contributions to algebraic and topological combinatorics, and for service to the mathematical community.” Patricia, like Jacob, will be joining the discrete mathematics cluster.

Bernhard Keller is a Swiss mathematician at Paris Diderot University (or, Paris 7). He specialises in algebra, including research in cluster algebras, representations by quivers and triangulated Calabi-Yau categories. He was a member of the inaugural class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (2013), and he was awarded the Sophie Germain Prize from the French Academy of Sciences (2014) for fundamental research in mathematics. Bernard will join current editors Robert Guralnick and Roman Bezrukavnikov in the algebra cluster.

Peter Keevash is a British mathematician at the University of Oxford. He specialises in combinatorics, having published results in Ramsey Theory, extremal graph theory and hypergraph theory. He was awarded the European Prize in Combinatorics (2009) for his research in the field, and the Whitehead Prize from the London Mathematical Society (2015) for his work in combinatorics, in particular his stunning proof of the existence of combinatorial designs for all parameters satisfying the obvious necessary conditions. Peter will join Jacob and Patricia in the discrete mathematics cluster.

Ulrike Tillman is a German mathematician and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. She is also a Fellow of Merton College, Oxford. She is known for her contributions to algebraic topology, particularly the study of the moduli space of algebraic curves.  She was awarded the Whitehead Prize from the London Mathematical Society (2004) for “her crucial contribution to the proof of the Mumford conjecture”; elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society (2008); elected as an inaugural Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (2013); selected a member of the Leopoldina (2017). Ulrike will join the topology cluster with current editor Ian Agol.

Forum of Mathematics, Pi and Forum of Mathematics, Sigma are exciting developments in open access publishing. Together they offer fully OA publication combined with peer-review standards set by an international editorial board of the highest calibre, all backed by Cambridge University Press and our commitment to quality.

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